Social Corner

Hiking Impressions from our Galtür trip 2021

Impressions from our Galtür trip 2021

Lorenz in a comatose state after an excruating data analysis session

Greek food at the Old Danube

After-work beers Corona style

Flo before and after a private haircut; sponsored by Laura & Glix

Making lab-made ice cream

After-work beers

Stand-up canoeing in summer

Lorenz at lunch (probably still hungry)

Lorenz after work (digesting lunch?)

Christmas party 2019 – Impressions

Christmas tree of the 2019 christmas party

Christoph’s Habilparty in 2019

Impressions of the TUCAS Kickoff Party (2018)

Work & Science Related

ALBA Imressions (May 2022)

Group and NAP-XPS

DESY impressions (February 2022)

Task-sharing the TUCAS way.

We needed about 20 cm of steel.

Successful synthesis?

We take our work very seriously!

A rare sighting of the mythical „Sebigbos“ in the lab.

That’s what happens, when theoreticians „help“ in the lab…

Conferences & Official Business

TUCAS goes IMC Krems

Flo’s master defense – in „COVID mode“

Raffael giving a talk in Sochi (Conference on Mechanisms of Catalytic Reactions)

Group Picture of the Conference on „Mechanisms of Catalytic Reactions“ in Sochi, that doubles as Picture Puzzle. Can you spot Raffael?

Lorenz represents TUCAS at the Europcat in Aachen