We, the researches of AG Rameshan, are interested in catalytic processes on heterogeneous catalyst surfaces.

The ERC project TUCAS started in 2017 and was initially part of our research group „Electrocatalysis at Surfaces“ at the Institute of Materials Chemistry at the Vienna University of Technology. In October 2022, we moved to Leoben, where we are now a part of the Chair for Physical Chemistry at the Montanuniversity Leoben. Specifically, TUCAS deals with perovskite materials, their surfaces, and ways to influence their properties (like stability and activity) by various measures: doping, pre-treatment (in different atmospheres), polarisation, exsolution of nanoparticles…

These perovskite materials are especially interesting, as they show great potential in processes relating to renewable energy production and chemical energy storage.

In 2022, TUCAS+CO2 was approved by the ERC (as Proof of Concept Grant). This extension of our fundamental research project TUCAS aims to extend the results towards industrial applications.

We use a wide range of lab-based and Synchrotron based techniques (in-situ spectroscopies) as well as theoretical simulations to study and characterise the properties of our samples.

January 2024

Raffael is co-author of a newly published Nature paper.

December 2023

Jessica joined the group as Post-Doc.

November 2023

Thomas, Flo, Tobi, and Christoph’s Encyclopedia paper was accepted and published. Congratulations!

Thomas is co-author on a Nature Reviews Physics paper on DFT code verification.

October 2023

Lorenz was named one of TU Wien’s “TUW under 30” (“die 30 spannendsten Köpfe unter 30”).

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Here, we will regularly present funny and/or interesting facts – on occasion maybe even a dad-joke-y quote (not to name names but probably by Florenz).

TUCAS Fact #31:
The countdown to start rockets was not an invention of NASA or other space agencies. In fact, Austrian film maker Fritz Lang wanted to show an exciting start of a rocket ship in his 1929 silent film „Frau im Mond“ („Woman in the Moon“)—thus, he created the countdown from 10 to „now“ (which was used instead of 0), so the viewers would know when the start would actually happen.

TUCAS is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, grant agreement no. 755744.

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