We, the researches of AG Rameshan, are interested in catalytic processes on heterogeneous catalyst surfaces.

The ERC project TUCAS started in 2017 and is part of our research group “Electrocatalysis at Surfaces” at the Institute of Materials Chemistry at the Vienna University of Technology. Specifically, it deals with perovskite materials, their surfaces, and ways to influence their properties (like stability and activity) by various measures: doping, pre-treatment (in different atmospheres), polarisation, exsolution of nanoparticles…

These perovskite materials are especially interesting, as they show great potential in processes relating to renewable energy production and chemical energy storage.

In 2022, TUCAS+CO2 was approved by the ERC (as Proof of Concept Grant). This extension of our fundamental research project TUCAS aims to extend the results towards industrial applications.

We use a wide range of lab-based and Synchrotron based techniques (in-situ spectroscopies) as well as theoretical simulations to study and characterise the properties of our samples.

June 2022

Johannes Bock joined our team as bachelor student.

Christoph has been appointed „Professor for Electrochemical Energy Conversion“ and head of the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Montan University Leoben and will start his new job in October.

May 2022

Tom Cotter joined our team as Post-Doc.
Peter Amann, a collaborateur and friend of TUCAS, published a Science article on methanol synthesis together with Christoph. Congratulations to all authors.

TUCAS is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, grant agreement no. 755744.

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