Anna-Lena Lidicky

Apprentice Synthesis Seer

After getting bored of the beautiful Tyrolian alps, the student of the HTL in Kramsach for chemistry decided there was a need for adventure.
As the possibility of writing their diploma thesis in Leoben arose, they quickly grabbed their best friend and made their way to the far away land of Styria to prove themselves once and for all.

As they are already well taught in laboratory practices, they soon got to work on perfecting (?, well trying out a bunch of different factors and seeing wich ones work, you know, like REAL scientists) the synthesis of perovskites with colourful materials they had barely worked with before.

Generally taking interest in a lot of different things, such as cooking, baking, and climbing, they also prove themselves to be quite handy with a sewing needle, often taking on projects far larger than their free time.
Above all else, of course, proudly stands science as a hobby, a way to learn, and hopefully a lucrative job somewhen in the future.