Hedda Drexler

Allround Sorceress and Evaluation Sage

Hedda is a student of technical chemistry and digital competences at TU Vienna. She joined the TUCAS project at TU Vienna as a student assistant, after being employed for 10 years as technical assistant in the analytical chemistry group at BOKU Vienna.

At BOKU Vienna she performed different tasks including the lab responsibility for a clean room area (10.000 and 100.000), method development/routine analysis (i.a. AGES, Agrana, Biomin, Roche, Sandoz …), and the introduction and instrument support for MSc- and PhD-students. She co-supervised 3 MSc- and 2 BSc-theses in the research areas of metallomics and targeted/non-targeted metabolomics via mass spectrometry.

After finishing the college for chemistry at HBLVA Rosensteingasse and before her employment at BOKU Vienna, she worked at NUA-Umweltanalytik GmbH for the microbiological testing of water samples.

She considers herself a yarn-addicted bookworm, loves kayak tours and hiking. She is a former gymnastic trainer (age 2 – 80, basic level, voluntary work) and summer sport camp coordinator for kids (age 6 -16).