Jessica Michalke

Redox Rogue & Funghi Fencer

Jessica’s starting point for chemical adventures was located at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, where she studied Technical Chemistry. After getting into conctact with heterogeneous catalysis once for her master thesis, she couldn’t let go of that topic and added a PhD thesis about pyrolytic syntheses of solid base metal catalysts for the production of amines. While being there she found out about the exciting world of materialscience and characterization and decided to pyrolyse whatever she deems worthy at the Montanuniversity Leoben now. For her PostDoc, she is working on sustainable base metal catalysts made from renewable (and most of the time also very unexpected) resources.

Almost like a double agent, Jessica still conducts (not very secretive) measurements in Linz, where she lives with her two plant-hating cats.

Due to her plethora of allergies, she is a great fan of staying inside, playing video games, or crafting.