Matthias Kriehuber

Apprentice Cuprate Crusader

Matthias is from Voitsberg and moved to Leoben for his studies. He finished his master studies in Polymer Science and Engineering in December of 2022. The topic of his master thesis was the thermal activation of vitrimers. He also participated at the Polymer Congress in Prague in June 2022 and presented his research there. In February 2023, he went for an Erasmus exchange to the University of Sheffield. During his stay in Sheffield, UK, he researched at the institute of material science on the functionalization of nanoparticles for applications in marine wood conservation. His bachelor thesis for his second research field, material science, he started with the TUCAS team doing scale-up of the Pechini synthesis for perovskites in September 2023. In addition to his studies, he works as tutor at Lernquadrat and has the rank of lieutenant at the Austrian Bundesheer.

He is a positive person and tries to always see the best in people and his favorite quote is: “Show kindness to others and kindness will come back to you”. In his spare time, he likes every kind of sport like running or gym as well as being in the nature for hiking or climbing. He feels connected to nature.
Finally, he also plays the guitar and enjoys spending time with friends, family, and his girlfriend. If you are interested in him even further, just meet him for a talk during a coffee.