Tobias Berger

Pyrolysis Priest & Detector Technomancer

Before he moved to Vienna for his studies, Tobias attended the technical college of Wiener Neustadt to study constructional engineering. After five years of lifting bags filled with cement and playing with bricks, he decided to change his field of study completely. Due to the encouragement of his chemistry teacher, he chose to study technical chemistry at TU Vienna.

After five years of studying technical chemistry at TU Vienna, he finally got his masters degree (Yeah!!). Deciding five years at an university was not enough, he chose Montanuniversitaet Leoben as next playground to stay a little bit longer in academia for his PhD. He currently works on the optimization of a Flame Spray Pyrolysis setup for synthesis of complex oxides. In the future, he will focus his work on applying these materials as catalysts for Methanol Steam Reforming for the on-demand production of hydrogen.

Besides his studies he enjoys spending his free time with his friends going skiing in winter or just being outside in summer. Furthermore, his hobbies include reading a lot, baking (to the delight of everyone!), playing video games and, of course, going out with friends or colleagues.