Tom Cotter

Industrial Illusionist & Pellet Paladin

Tom has recently joined TUCAS following several years working in industry. He originally hails from New Zealand where he completed a BSc Honours thesis in organometallic chemistry. Following this, he spent several years working in analytical chemistry honing his skills before he moved to London and worked in random jobs for two years repairing coffee machines and building periodic coffee tables.

Following this 4-year hiatus in his formal education, he re-entered academia in 2007 at the Fritz-Haber Institute in Berlin where he complete his PhD in Chemistry researching catalytic properties of mixed-metal carbides. In 2012, he joined Clariant as a project leader researching selective oxidation catalysts and subsequently worked in many areas within the R&D — including as Department Head for Environmental Catalysts and Zeolite Powders. In 2019, he moved into business development where he was responsible for Clariant’s Power-to-X portfolio and strategy.

Since late 2021, Tom has been living in Vienna where he has a family with two children and tries to occasionally play disc golf and build hobby projects with his 3D printer.